Precious Metals Resources has relinquished its licence (EL8016) to explore for antimony and gold in the Nambucca Valley! The licence has now been cancelled. PMR claimed that exploration was not justified. Lock the Nambucca Valley is confident that our strong opposition to commencement of antimony mining activities in the Nambucca had a role to play in PMRs decision to pull out. They were well aware of our existence and the enormous community support for our campaign to prevent them starting. We have won. But before we get too excited we must remember that another company could apply for a similar exploration to plunder and pollute.... and if they do WE WILL BE READY!

LNV Newsletter Autumn 2014


Why are we alarmed about antimony mining?

In Nov 2012 a Group1 mineral exploration license was granted to Precious Metal Resources Pty Ltd to explore for Antimony and Gold in a 330 sq/k area of the Nambucca Valley.


Lock the Nambucca Valley meeting at 2NVR Tewinga 2013


Potential problems for Water Catchment & public health

There is a high degree of risk that during a high-rainfall event leaching of arsenic, cyanide and other chemicals will occur, which could pollute the Nambucca Valley catchment area and therefore the PUBLIC WATER SUPPLY. This could become a major public health issue!

Loss of Real Estate Values

There is growing evidence across regional Australia that once mining operations commence in a community there is an immediate & drastic drop in land and real estate values.


The Nambucca Valley has fertile farming lands and pristine water  - why would we risk losing this ?

Legal costs and disruption for land owners

There is potential for land owners to end up in expensive legal cases and have the trouble and expense of fighting to keep the amenity of their land free from mining impacts. 

Negative Impacts on Economic Development

Agricultural produce industries   (vegetable crops, meat, dairy) will be totally threatened if toxicity is found in the produce. Downstream, the oyster industry would be at risk. Under such a cloud many of these industries will cease to attract investment and economic growth in these industries will decline.

Precious Metal Resources is partly foreign-owned

Most of the mineral resources are being traded on the stock exchange as a commodity that attracts mostly offshore investment so there is little economic benefit to the local economy, especially as fly-in/ fly-out workers are likely to be used.

Next Meeting Date 

The next meeting of Lock the Nambucca Valley is on this Saturday the 7th Dec at 10am at the Tewinga Community Centre (2NVR Radio).  All members are encouraged to attend.



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commented 2013-11-07 13:31:12 +1100 · Flag
TY :)
commented 2013-10-08 16:25:05 +1100 · Flag
Thanks Herman. Have a read of this breaking news. We are turning up heat on the corruption that’s for sure.
commented 2013-10-08 16:22:40 +1100 · Flag
The behavior of these mining companies is beyond injustice, it is a criminal enterprise backed by big money and paid off politicians. To win this fight the people will need to take on all of the aforementioned, and a biased media to boot. Good luck getting the message through, don’t be discouraged by attempts to hijack the message and co-opt the ignorant, and don;t EVER let them tell you that you are in the minority, for that is how they function.
With love and support.

About this campaign

On 23rd Nov the NSW Dept of Energy and Resources granted Precious Metal Resources an exploration license for Gold and Antimony mining in the Nambucca Valley.

The exploration license EL 8016 covers an area of 330sq km in the areas around Taylors Arm, South Arm, Thumb Creek, Girralong, Burrapine and Buckra Bendinni. It borders on the New England National Park and several state conservation areas.

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